Transformer PD & Induced-voltage Hi-pot System

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PD test, series-resonant test, induce voltage withstand test, grounding test, and transformer loss test, or individually used as high-power mid-frequency signal source

Main Feature:
¡ñ¡¡All PD and induced voltage withstand test of 1000kV UHV & 750kV EHV transformers, and DC converter transformers in China

      are completed with the PD-free VF
¡ñ¡¡Power Supplies provided by Haiwo Science & Technology
¡ñ¡¡PD-free VF Power Supply--output power 5kW~1350kW, pure sine wave with less than 1% distortion, and merely PD level less

      than 5pC
¡ñ¡¡Parallel compensation method adopted as mid-frequency power generator set
¡ñ¡¡Smaller starting current, lighter, and noise level lower compared to power generator set; self-exciting over-voltage avoided
¡ñ¡¡Linear amplifier matrix composed by power transistors; with switching components not used, the power supplies avoid

      high-frequency harmonics and provide pure
¡ñ¡¡sine wave with less than 1% distortion and 5pC PD level
¡ñ¡¡ABB, phoenix, Sanyo, ODU, Suzuki high-quality components applied
¡ñ¡¡Multi-protection: over voltage/current, arcing, zero protection, and so on
¡ñ¡¡Multi-tap exciter transformer for different voltage level transformer test
¡ñ¡¡Multi-tap inductor installed on the anti-eddy-current base, equipped on the test truck for convenient test
¡ñ¡¡Conform to the PD standards IEC 60076-3 & GB 1094.3-2003


System Configuration
System solution will be provided based on customers’ various test requirement. Please download our brochure and questionnaire, or directly contact us for more information.

E.g. typical system for 1000kV/MVA UHV transformer PD & induced-voltage withstands test


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