AC Resonant System

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Applied on AC Hi-pot of high voltage electrical equipment such as GIS, instrument transformer, and power cable

Main Feature:
°Ů°°Significantly lower the requirement on test power input
°Ů°°Much smaller and lighter than the conventional test transformers
°Ů°°PWM with IGBT modulated to reduce size and weight
°Ů°°Tunable rectangular waveform, and form sine-wave resonance circuit on test obj
°Ů°°Multi-mode operation including intelligent auto voltage rising (variable speed) control, and auto frequency tune
°Ů°°Multi-protection: over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, arcing and so on; withstand surge current from discharging
°Ů°°Op-fiber cable connected for the safety of operators

System Configuration
System solution will be provided based on customers’ various test requirement. Please download our brochure and questionnaire, or directly contact us for more information.

E.g. regular system configurations for power cable or other electrical equipment


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