HVDC Hi-pot System

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”ń””MOA lightening-arrester HVDC hi-pot
”ń””HVDC hi-pot and leak current measurement for HV electrical equipment, such as transformer, switchgear, and oil-type power

”ń””Leak current measurement for water-cooling DC power generators
”ń””High-stability DC HV generators with high-precision DC voltage-divider for DC HV standardization

Main Feature:
”ń””Co-formed the industry product standards: “ZBF24003-90 Portable DC HV Generator Common Technical Conditions” and

      “DLT 848.1-2004 HV Testing Equipment Common Technical Conditions, Part One: DC HV Generator”
”ń””From the first PWM regulated DC HV generator in China developed in 1992, till today, the DC HV generator series has been

      sold to 1000 customers with 2857 sales volume till the end of 2013
”ń””DC HV Generators generate: output voltage 40~1200kV, and output current 2~300mA
”ń””Highest stability could reach ≤0.05%£»Ripple≤0.1%
”ń””Double-stage voltage-multiplier designed for various test precision requirement
”ń””Controller and voltage-multiplier can be integrated into a single unit (40kV type) for the convenience of field application
”ń””ZV-B fully-shielded micro-ammeter: digital LCD covered by conductive glass joint with metal shell, test and shielding cable

      coaxially led out
”ń””HV-B Infrared micro-ammeter (optional): Infrared connection, auto test individual and total leak current of double arresters
”ń””Voltage auto-raise/multi-point test (upgraded Z-VII type): pre-set test voltage, test and record leak current on multi-level voltage
”ń””Voltage-test open circuit protection, ground protection for the safety of operators
”ń””Can tolerate HV arcing from large-capacity capacitive test object

System Configuration
System solution will be provided based on customers’ various test requirement. Please download our brochure and questionnaire, or directly contact us for more information.

E.g. regular system configurations


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