IR Tester

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Main Feature:
°Ů°°Resistant to strong magnetic field disturbance
°Ů°°Large output current with short-circuit current up to 6mA, guarantees high-accuracy measurement
°Ů°°AC/DC power supply, large capacity battery, lasting more than 5hrs
°Ů°°Durable suitcase with water-resist level up to IP6 and anti-shock design
°Ů°°500/1000/2500/5000V test voltage level selectable, 50V step up within 500~5000V for various type of insulation diagnosis
°Ů°°Automatic calculates Absorbance Factor (AF) and Polarization Index (PI). Capacitance can be measured simultaneously.

      Subsequently change to PI testing mode if AF unqualified
°Ů°°Surge protection makes sure the power supply can be disconnected immediately once breakdown or discharging occurs

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